The 2nd Biennial consolidates its position as the great event of scientific culture in Barcelona

Tancament Biennal Ciutat i Ciència

Six days, 250 activities

The 14th Science Festival yesterday put the end of the second Biennial City and Science. For six days, Barcelona has hosted more than 250 activities designed for all audiences with the aim of bringing science to the public and democratize their access. The program was closed with an excellent reception by the public and a different format than the first edition of 2019 due to health restrictions because of the pandemic.

During the Science Festival, the Deputy Mayor for Culture, Education, Science and Community, Joan Subirats, described the whole Biennial as very positive "because, even with the restrictions on capacity and access, it has meant the consolidation of the most important event of scientific culture in our city. This confirms the firm commitment that the City Council has made to scientific policy, certainly a new area of local policies that we want to strengthen and take special care of".

The City and Science Biennial was launched in 2019 with a clear objective: to take science out of what have traditionally been considered its natural spaces, such as universities and research centres, and bring it to the streets and squares. According to Subirats, what was wanted is "to make the public find science and its debates at street level and ensure that no one has to cross any threshold to approach scientific topics".