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2021-03-08 00:28:51
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To mark the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, in three emblematic markets in Barcelona a curious device will appear. The artefact and everything to do with it will be used to gather data and make observations as part of a participative investigation, with the involvement of different groups in the city. Different disciplines and people have joined forces to set up a short-lived research group with a shared objective: to learn more about our interactions in the street and to find out what they are like from the perspective of gender. We will be able to recognize the dynamics that take place in the street and the roles we play in them, raise awareness and reflect on it, and analyse the human relationships in these places from the perspective of gender. We will present the results on 15 February in Mobile Week Barcelona. Do you feel like taking part? Shall we meet in the market?

Activity carried out in collaboration with Mobile Week Barcelona - Plan C, a citizens’ participation initiative to test and propose alternative solutions to problems in the city using digital technology. The results will be presented during MWB.


11 February 2019
10:00 - 19:00

Sant Antoni Market (morning), Plaça del Sortidor (lunchtime and early afternoon), Plaça de Josep M. Folch i Torres (afternoon)
AWARENESS IN THE MARKET PLACE | Biennal Ciutat i Ciència | Biennal de la Ciència


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