The Biennial, with the World Capital of Sustainable Food Barcelona 2021

Destacat alimentació sostenible - Biennal Ciutat i Ciència

Conscious food

One of the cross-cutting themes of this City and Science Biennial is sustainable food. Numerous activities of the Biennial, the +Biennial and the Science Festival question the current food system from various points of view, such as environmental, health, social, economic or cultural. A set of proposals that are part of the World Capital of Sustainable Food Barcelona 2021.

From the environmental dimension, the Biennial analyzes the impact of today's food system on the Earth's ecological balance and proposes solutions to reconcile its mitigation with the supply of a population that is growing unstoppably. It does so through activities such as the dialogue Planetary boundaries and food, a round table on Organic food, the workshop Drawing the keys to healthy and sustainable food or the debate Technology, agriculture and digitization.

From the perspective of health, without losing sight of the environmental aspect, a round table highlights the Malnutrition in a food wasteful society, another round table, Feeding Barcelona. City, supply and health, analyzes the historical evolution of the food system of the city and does so as an activity prior to the homonymous exhibition to be inaugurated next October at the Museum of History of Barcelona, and COVID-19 and food systems: a required debate puts the issue in the context of the pandemic. Also noteworthy is the showing Now we make botifarra with beans, which traces the evolution of cuisine towards greater meat consumption, with the effects on health and the environment that this entails, and gives some keys to reverse this trend.