Presentation of the City and Science Biennial 2021

Biennial 2021 Presentation

The 21st century is full of questions and uncertainties. Increasingly, we need to bring science into the public debate on how to deal with the changing times we live in. The current health crisis is just one of the major issues that our society needs to address, such as the climate emergency, the right to health and food, dignified ageing, equality, conscience and our place in the universe.

In the face of all these challenges, science is gaining relevance in our lives. Today, citizenship, arts and humanities are key to finding answers and generating new knowledge. Knowledge that is open and within everyone's reach, but which advances faster than the ability to understand where its ethical, social and methodological limits lie.

The City and Science Biennial brings you a host of proposals to think about knowledge, its potential and limits from various points of view: the advances that mark the future, their ethical implications, the close link between science and art, sociology and politics, gender equality, rights and opportunities, the sustainability of the planet.

An edition that also includes the Science Festival, where you can experience, observe, investigate and experience science in the first person, together with the scientists that generate new knowledge, and the +Biennial proposals organised by other facilities in the city.

Get closer to science and make it your own!