Breaking down barriers

Trencant barreres

Where art, science and technology converge

A game of limits between the possible and the impossible accompanied us during the days of the Biennial. Relive with the videos of some of the activities the exploration of the intersections between art, science and technology.

Science has always gone hand in hand with art and likewise, since the origin of history, the understanding and interpretation of the world has been the object of artistic inspiration and scientific research. In this relationship, technology has also played a key role, whether by enabling new forms of artistic expression or new lines of scientific research. And from all of this, society has been able to benefit from all areas. 

At the Biennial, this interaction, which takes the different disciplines beyond their own limits, could be explored in greater depth. This is the case of the round table Hybridising art, science and technology: beyond disciplinary boundaries?, with the curator and director of Arts at CERN Monica Bello, the engineer and artist Gerfried Stocker, the expert in innovation Michela Magas and the cultural researcher Remedios Zafra. Along the same lines, the art theorist Oliver Grau and the curators José Luis de Vicente and Christiane Paul debated the New Contexts and Formats of Dissemination in Art, Science, Technology and Society. For his part, the expert in complex systems Ricard Solé gave the inspiring lecture Science, Art and Complexity: the Game of the Possible on the new questions raised by the interaction of scientific and artistic disciplines.