Barcelona Cultura
2019-08-25 06:28:15
Performing arts, music and film



Inspired by the processes of formation and erosion of crystals, Mirrors is a solid light sculpture, constructed from laser light and three-dimensional sound projections. A series of figures that float in the air and which suggest, abstractly, the transmutation of matter from chaos to order. Dust that becomes crystal, which is eroded and returns to dust.

Thanks to a programme created by the artists, different games of reflection and symmetry shape geometric volumes that evolve in time. This programme is able to orchestrate the lasers through banks of oscillators: periodic mathematical functions that can describe sounds, shapes, vibration and movement. Each visual representation integrates its own sound design with sonification algorithms that transform the light into music and complete this alchemical landscape.

This piece can be visited on Saturday with the general admission ticket to the Museum. Free admission on Sunday the 10th.


9 and 10 of february from 10am to 8pm, from 11 to 15 of february from 5pm to 8pm and 16 and 17 of february from 10am to 8pm