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2019-11-17 23:17:35

Ignasi Labastida

Ignasi Labastida: Ignasi Labastida, PhD in Physics from the University of Barcelona. Currently he is the head of the Office for the Dissemination of Knowledge and the Research Support Unit at the CRAI-Library of the same university. He is the vice-chair of the SPARC Europe Board, member of the Steering Committee of the Info and Open Access Policy Group at the LERU, member of the working group on Open Science at the CRUE, and memeber of the EUA High-Level Group on ‘Big Deals’. He is the co-author of the LERU Roadmap for Research Data and the LERU Roadmap on Open Science. He led the introduction of the Creative Commons project in Spain and he has in charge of its development since 2003. He has participated in several conferences and seminars on open access, research data, open science, and open content licenses, and he has written about this topics in journals and books.

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