'The night' will fill the Born with science, technology, art and show

Destacat La nit - Biennal Ciutat i Ciència

The most nighttime science

On Friday, June 11, the Biennial will focus its gaze on El Born Cultural and Memory Center. The different spaces of the old market as well as the Comercial Square will concentrate a series of activities in which science meets the performing arts, shows, poetry and other formats. These are the acts of The Night, diverse proposals that lead us to explore science from new perspectives and that take us into its interaction with art and technology.

In two of the proposals it will be possible to experience Live coding, a form of art and creativity focused on writing source code in real time and interactive programming. A new direction of electronic music and improvisation that will feature names like Iván Paz, Toni J, Lina Bautista (Linalab), Roger Pibernat, Citali Hernández (Turbulente) and Anna Carreras. Continuing with music, neuroscientist Mara Dierssen invites us to enjoy a concert where the brain, auditory illusions and experiments will keep our ears "wide open". Also, a conversation about the UPCArts cultural program with Carles Sora, Carme Fenoll, Ricard Robles and Maria Arnal will allow us to discover successful experiences of the binomial science and art in the university environment.

An illusionism show with magician Miguel Ángel Gea and scientists Luís M. Martínez and Jordi Camí will play with one of the audience's primary emotional reactions: surprise. Also on stage will be the participants in two sessions of Pecha Kucha express on art, science and technology. The Pecha Kucha are quick and agile presentations with which a dozen people will speculate and dream about the present and the future: Monica Rikic, Mario Santamaria, Joana Moll, Pedro Gomez-Romero, Samuel Sánchez, Martí Ruiz Carulla, Maciej Lewenstein, Eloi Maduell, Elisabet Romero, Antoine Reserbat-Plantey, Anna Carreras and Reiko Yamada, with the presentation of Carolina Jiménez.