Carme Barba i Ferrer

Environmentalist and hydrogeologist

Graduate in Environmental Sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), Master's degree in Environmental Studies from the UAB and PhD in Hydrogeology from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). Her research activity focuses on the artificial recharge of aquifers and the biogeochemical processes that take place during the process of water infiltration into the aquifer. Also interested in the management of water resources, she participated in the preparation of the Strategic Master Plan for the Integrated Water Cycle of the Barcelona metropolitan area, drawn up by Barcelona Regional, where she assessed the quantitative and qualitative status of groundwater bodies in the metropolitan area.

As a member of the Groundwater Hydrology Group of the School of Civil Engineering, in 2021, she is coordinating the task of developing a model for integrated management of the Besòs water resources, a project funded by the Scientific Research Awards for Urban Challenges in the city of Barcelona 2020. The project will provide solutions to address the scarcity of water resources in the face of the threats of climate change and will do so in a participatory manner with all the organisations, entities and individuals linked to the Besòs basin.