Carme Ruscalleda


Self-taught chef and perfectionist. Her gastronomic discourse is based on a constant dialogue with traditional recipes, which she reinterprets with imagination and scrupulous respect for the product.

She has published several cookbooks and is tireless in the dissemination of healthy eating habits in schools. Her restaurant Sant Pau in Sant Pol de Mar has won the highest professional awards. In 2004 she opened a restaurant in Tokyo and was awarded the Sant Jordi Cross. In 2009, together with his son, Raül Balam, they opened the restaurant Momentos at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Barcelona, where since 2017 she has also been responsible for the gastronomy area. Under the CR brand, she has obtained 7 Michelin stars, 3 in Sant Pol, 2 in Tokyo and 2 more in Barcelona.

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