Cecilia Díaz-Méndez

Sociologist of consumption and food

Professor of Sociology at the Department of Sociology of the University of Oviedo (UniOvi). She directs the Research Group in Sociology of Food, Socialimen. She has directed and taken part in competitive research projects oriented to the analysis of changes in eating habits, social determinants of food and the political and social consequences of food globalization. Her recent publications include the articles How the Type of Working Day Affects Work-*like Balance and Mealtime Balance (Alonso-Domínguez; Callejo and Díaz-Méndez; 2020) and New and Old Forms of Poverty in Spain: Exploring Food Consumption during the Crisis (Díaz-Méndez, García-Espejo and Otero-Estévez, 2020), and the book El malestar con la alimentación (Díaz-Méndez i García-Espejo, coord. TREA, 2021).

She teaches Sociology of Consumption and Food and Social Change in the degrees of Commerce and Marketing at UniOvi, and also in the masters of Food Biotechnology and Contemporary History. She has been a visiting professor at different universities through competitive mobility programs at institutions such as the University of Cambridge, the University of Manchester, Iowa State University and the Federal University of Santa Maria. Due to her research she has also collaborated with international research groups and with institutions and companies such as the Red Cross or the Alimerka Foundation.

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