Citlali Hernández Turbulente

Digital artist

Also known as Citlali Hernández, her work investigates the implications of the body and the use of new technologies in the arts. She has presented some of her projects in different spaces and festivals such as: CCEMx (Mexico City), CMMAS (Morella), Centro Cultural GAM (Santiago de Chile), Centro Cultural L'Estruch (Sabadell), SALA OFF (Valencia), Contemporary Art Fair JustMAD 15 and 17 (Madrid), ECOSS 18 and 19 Festivals (Barcelona).

She is currently involved in university teaching, is an artist in residence at Hangar, open center for research and artistic production and holds a PhD from the University of Vic (UVic) and the University Center of Design of Barcelona BAU. She is also an active member of the live coding collective Toplap Barcelona.