Cristina Caparrós Vázquez

Fisherwoman and communicator

She is the daughter and granddaughter of fishermen. She is currently working on projects of dissemination and diversification of the family fishing boats and associated boats, to raise awareness of the culture of fishing, the fish of proximity, traditional and seasonal, through La Platjeta and Cap A Mar.

La Platjeta brings the fish from the fishing boats of Barceloneta to the consumers, giving added value to the lesser known species, seasonal and traditional recipes for cooking and preserving the fish.

Cap A Mar is an initiative to raise awareness of the world and trade of fishing in Barceloneta through activities and projects with entities such as the Ethnological Museum and the Maritime Museum of Barcelona, among others. It was the first finalist in the Barcelona Activa Futurism awards, as a company that presented sustainable tourism activities to raise awareness of the world of fishing, providing economic benefits for fishermen and fisherwomen, and promoting respect for the territory of the city of Barcelona and Barceloneta.