Cristina Sáez

Journalist, scientist and popularizer

Science and health journalist. She writes regularly in La Vanguardia, also in Agencia SINC and in the CCCBLab blog. She collaborates with the radio program El Món a Rac1. She has published in media such as Muy Interesante, National Geographic, Mètode and in newspapers such as Público and Avui. In the audiovisual field, she has been a scriptwriter for the program Redes de Televisión Española (TVE) directed by Eduard Punset, and she has directed for 12 seasons the television program Tendencias of science, thinking and digital culture, which was broadcasted through the Red de Televisiones Locales and online at

Her work has been awarded the 2015 Boehringer Ingelheim Medicine Journalism Award, the 2016 Concha García Campoy Health Journalism Award and the 2019 Accenture Award for Science Journalism, among others.