Cristina Xifra i Estrany

Information security specialist and science communicator

Graduate in Physics, specialized in Astrophysics, by the University of Barcelona (UB). She currently works as an information security specialist. She trained as a writer at the School of Writers of the Ateneo Barcelonés and at the Obrador Internacional de Dramaturgia of Sala Beckett.

She is a regular contributor to the section El Turmix of the digital cultural magazine Week& Sabadell. She has published the short story En peligro de extinción, in the anthology Extraordinarias of Editorial Males Herbes. In 2020 she won the ex aequo prize of the Qlit festival organized by the Association of Catalan Language Writers (AELC) with the short story Ella and the Joan Guasp Theater Award of the Vila de Consell with Perdida, a play that has been published by Editorial Balèria and which has also been dramatized in a reading at the Sala Beckett.