Donna Haraway

Biologist and philosopher

She is professor emeritus of the departments of history of consciousness and feminist studies at the University of California. Throughout her long academic career she has written reference texts in fields as diverse as feminism, technoscience, science fiction, primatology or postcolonial studies. From all these points of view she has questioned the values of the dominant humanism in Western culture and has studied the relationship between humans and non-humans, from cyborgs to pets.

In 1991 she published Ciencia, cyborgs y mujeres: la reinvención de la naturaleza (Cátedra, 1995), a compilation of ten essays written during the 1980s, among which the Manifesto for cyborgs stands out. In the field of the relationship between humans and other species, she has published the book Manifiesto de las especies de compañía (Sans Soleil, 2016). In 2015, she wrote her major essay Seguir con el problema. Generar parentesco en el Chthuluceno (Consonni, 2019), in which she proposes to rethink the relationship of humans with the Earth and all the other species that inhabit it.

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