Ernesto Ganuza

Sociologist and political participation expert

Sociologist by the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM). Interested in participation as a reflection of the political life that is elaborated in society. He studies participation in all its institutional forms (democratic innovations) and in the less formal ones (participatory methodologies), from a theoretical or practical point of view, from inside and outside.

He has written articles and books on participation, such as La democracia se posible: el sorteo y la deliberación para rescatar el poder de la ciudadanía (2020) with Arantxa Mendiharat, Popular Democracy: the Paradox of Participation (2017) with Gianpaolo Baiocchi, or La democracia en acción: una visión desde las metodologías participativas (2010) from the collective Antígona. He has also been part of teams to put into performance participatory processes to public administrations and community problem solving. He has also taught in the Master of Participatory Methodologies at the UCM and is now a researcher at the Institute of Public Policy and Public Goods (IPP-CSIC).