Ernesto Kahan

Medical doctor, university professor and poet

Vice President of the World Academy of Arts and Culture and professor at universities in Argentina, Israel, Peru, Dominican Republic, Mexico, USA and Spain. He is well known in numerous International Medical Associations related to Epidemiology, Cancer, Public Health and Human Rights.

He served as Director General of the Ministry of Health in Argentina before migrating to Israel during the military coup in Argentina in 1976. In Israel, he was Deputy Director of Rabin Medical Center, Head of the Department of Epidemiology at the Institute for Occupational Health of Tel Aviv University, and Director of the Medical Academic Branch of the International Institute. In 1998 was nominated by the World Bank as head of the evaluation staff for primary health care programs for Ecuador. 

He is also President of the Spanish branch of the Israel Association of Writers (AIELC). He has authored 7 books and more than 200 articles in international magazines. Kahan was Delegate to the Nobel Peace Prize Reception in Oslo to International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War- IPPNW (1985). Furthermore, he has been awarded with several prizes for his contributions to human rights, literature and health.