Fabiola Juárez

Nutritionist and researcher

Responsible for health projects at Fundació Alícia. Agricultural Engineering with specialization in Food Industry from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). Master in Nutrition and Food by the University of Barcelona (UB) and graduated in Human Nutrition and Dietetics by CESNID-UB. She has research experience as a research technician for five years at the Research Institute of the Hospital de Sant Pau and for 10 months in the R&D department of the company Gallina Blanca Star. She also has experience as a nutritionist in childhood obesity prevention within the programs of the Department of Health of the Government of Wales in the United Kingdom, as a nutritionist in the plant of the Hospital Clínico y Provincial de Barcelona and in the field of collective catering, in residences for the elderly.

She is currently doing research on nutrition, modified texture and dysphagia, among other research. She also participates in the project Gente mayor, autonomía, alimentación y redes comunitarias de apoyo y dinamización del tejido comercial (GEGAAN), which has been selected by the Barcelona Institute of Technology of the Barcelona City Council in the framework of the call for grants for urban innovation projects.

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