Jorge Rodríguez Menés


PhD in Sociology from Northwestern University after having worked for years in the Data Bank of the Center for Sociological Research (CIS). In 2000, he returned to Europe to work as a lecturer in Sociology at the University of Kent. In 2007, he joined the Department of Political and Social Sciences at Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), first as part of the Ramón y Cajal program, and from 2016, as an associate professor Serra Húnter.

His research, which has been published in several international journals and by high impact publishers, revolves around three lines of research. The first is political sociology. The second is the study of social inequalities: from the analysis of the characteristics and evolution of the occupational structure, to social mobility, the role of social capital in educational success and the effects of overqualification. He has also investigated gender and race discrimination with experimental methodologies. The third line of work is criminology. This line ranges from the evaluation of the welfare needs of these groups, to the analysis of the impact of patriarchy on intimate partner violence against women, to the comparative study of the problems and trends in incarceration.

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