Josep Maria Esquirol Calaf

Philosopher, writer and science popularizer

Professor of Philosophy at the University of Barcelona (UB), where he teaches Contemporary Philosophy and leads the research group Aporia devoted to the relationship between philosophy and psychiatry. He also teaches the postgraduate course in Thought and Creativity at La Salle, as well as seminars in different European and Latin American universities. 

He has published a dozen books, including Uno mismo y los otros (2005); El respeto o la mirada atenta (2006); El respirar de los días (2009); Los filósofos contemporáneos y la técnica (2011); La resistencia íntima (2015, City of Barcelona Award and National Essay Award); La penúltima bondad (2018); and the forthcoming Humano, más humano (2021). These last works have also been translated into Italian, Portuguese, English and German.

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