Juan Bolaños Jurado

Brand strategist

He works in brand strategy and verbal identity at Estudio Pablo Gallego. He is co-founder of the cultural action groups ARDE, Ciudad Creativa and Luneados. He has been manager of the Association of Companies with Ecological Products of Andalusia (EPEA) and responsible for promotion of the Spanish Federation of Companies with Ecological Products (FEPECO). He holds a BSc in Business Administration from the University of Cordoba (UCO) and a postgraduate degree in Marketing from the University of Manchester.

Especially interested in the meeting spaces between the creative class and the economic agents that share the same territory, he has developed projects such as Ciudad código, an interpretation of the city with the use of a system of code and data representation; Las palabras del vino, an inquiry into the fortified wines of the Montilla-Moriles denomination of origin; and Arte fértil, a reflection on the situation and role of the arts in the province of Cordoba.

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