Laura Castells

Osteoarchaeologist and professor of biological anthropology

Graduated in Human Biology and Life Sciences from Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and, following the medical side, did a master's degree in Infectious Diseases at the University of Edinburgh. But in 2012 she made a switch to archaeology with an MSc in Human Osteology and Paleopathology followed by a PhD Osteoarchaeology, both at the University of Bradford. She is currently a Lecturer in Biological Anthropology at the University of Bradford and will soon take up the position of Lecturer in Osteoarchaeology at the University of Exeter.

She has analyzed human remains to investigate the health, diet and lifestyle of ancient populations (from Neolithic to industrial), and how these populations were affected by historical events. His research focuses primarily on investigating the prevalence of diseases associated with nutrition and metabolism over time, understanding how social or lifestyle differences affect health and disease in ancient communities, and investigating how to improve pathological diagnosis in skeletal remains.