Nicolás Olea

Medical doctor and expert in endocrine disruptors

He is Professor of Radiology and Physical Medicine at the University of Granada (UGR) and specialist physician at the Hospital Universitario Clínico San Cecilio in Granada. BSc in Medicine and Surgery and PhD in Medicine by the UGR. He has been a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute Jules Bordet de Cancerologie Mammaire, full professor and university professor, and director of the Department of Radiology of the UGR and the Institute of Biosanitary Research of Granada.

He has organized the ten National Conferences on Endocrine Disruption (CONDE) held in Spain during the last fifteen years. He is an expert evaluator in the Danish, French and EU research programs on Endocrine Disruption and in the EU SCENHIR committee on emerging risks. He has supervised 53 doctoral theses and is the author of more than 300 scientific papers.

The group he leads has contributed by providing information, often of a regulatory nature, to the knowledge of human exposure to endocrine disruptors and their effect on health, especially at times of special susceptibility (pregnancy, childhood, puberty). In addition, he has identified new environmental factors involved in the etiology of common diseases and has investigated the combined effect of different exposures.