Pablo Gago Ferrero

Environmental chemist

PhD in Environmental Chemistry specialising in human exposure to pollutants and their relationship with health. He received his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Barcelona (UB). After his PhD, he has developed his research work at the University of Athens, the Swiss Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, the University of Uppsala, and the Catalan Institute for Water Research (ICRA). He leads the Human Exposure to Organic Pollutants group at the Institute of Environmental Diagnosis and Water Studies (IDAEA-CSIC).

His studies focus on gaining a more complete understanding of which chemicals accumulate in humans and their relationship with the prevalence of certain diseases (and changes in metabolism). His research also explores the relationships between water treatment, the presence of pollutants in the environment and human exposure to these substances. He has published more than sixty scientific articles in high-impact international journals and is currently leading national and international research projects.