Pedro Gómez-Romero

Chemist, researcher and science popularizer

He completed his undergraduate and Master’s degrees at the University of Valencia (UV), before going on to earn his PhD in chemistry with distinction at Georgetown University in 1987. A CSIC researcher since 1990, he worked at the Science Materials Institute of Barcelona (ICMAB) from 1990 to 2007, spending a sabbatical year as a NATO Senior Research Fellow at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in 1998-99. In 2007 he moved to the former Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Research Centre (CIN2) as group leader of the NEO-Energy lab. When CIN2 became the ICN2 in 2013, he became group leader of the Novel Energy-Oriented Materials Group, heading up projects on hybrid organic-inorganic nanostructures, nanocomposite materials for energy storage and conversion.

Becoming a CSIC Research Professor in 2006, he has been a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (UK) since 2014 and was the vice-director of MATGAS from 2010 to 2014. He has authored over 200 scientific publications in international peer-reviewed journals, and is the scientific editor of the books Functional Hybrid Materials (P. Gómez-Romero, C. Sánchez; Wiley-VCH, 2004) and Metal Oxides in Supercapacitors (D.P. Dubal, P. Gomez-Romero; Elsevier, 2017). He is also the author of four award-winning popular science books: Metaevolución. La Tierra en el espejo (Celeste, 2001), Un planeta en busca de energía (Síntesis, 2007), Creadors de futur (Bromera, 2016), and Nanomundo (Materia / El País, 2016). In 2017 he received the CIDETEC prize for research in electrochemistry.