Rafael Serrano del Rosal


Scientific researcher at the Institute for Advanced Social Studies (IESA-CSIC) and PhD in Political Science and Sociology by the University of Granada (UGR). In 2017 he assumed the direction of IESA, where he is also the head of one of its four research groups, specifically what is called Social Identity, Subjective Well-being and Human Behavior (IBC).

For the last twenty years, already in his postdoctoral stage, his work and interests have focused on the confluence of three areas of research: the design, analysis and comprehensive evaluation of public policies, subjective well-being and satisfaction, and the sociology of health.

He currently has two lines of research open with his colleagues at the IBC, one on the broad and complex topic of the social dimension of health, focusing at this time on the social dimension of pain, and the other on the end-of-life process and more specifically on what have come to be called "exit rights".

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