Remedios Zafra

Essayist and researcher in culture, technology, feminism and creation

Essayist and tenured scientist at the Institute of Philosophy of the CSIC, member of the research group Science, Technology and Society. She has been a university professor of Art, Anthropology, Politics of the Gaze and Gender Studies. Her research focuses on the critical study of contemporary culture and technology, feminism and creation. 

She is the author, among others, of the essays Frágiles (2021), El entusiasmo. Precariedad y trabajo creativo en la era digital (2017, Anagrama Essay and Critical State Award), Ojos y capital (2015), (h)adas (2013, Malaga Essay, Culture Meridiana and Public of Letters Award), Un cuarto propio conectado (2010) and Netianas (2005). She has been director of X0y1 (equisceroyuno), a platform for research and artistic practice on identity and the Internet, and curator of several projects and exhibitions on digital culture. She is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome.