Sira Abenoza


Professor in the Department of Society, Politics and Sustainability at ESADE's Ramon Llull University (URL) and researcher at the Institute for Social Innovation. PhD in Philosophy. She has focused her teaching in the field of Socratic dialogue, which is the subject of her doctoral thesis. She is the founder of the Institute for Socratic Dialogue, a foundation dedicated to promoting dialogue as a tool to promote a more fair and inclusive society.

Her work in the field of dialogue can be seen reflected in the documentaries Filosofía en la prisión, which received the award for best documentary at the Valladolid International Film Week in 2015, and In dialogue, from 2016. Since 2017 she has been directing La Casa de los Clásicos, a space for creation and thought, for social and cultural irradiation, which vindicates the relevance of the classics of all times and popularizes them in all possible languages and formats.

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