Sonia Otero Estévez

Sociologist specialized in inequalities and food

Graduated in Social Work and PhD in Sociology by the University of Oviedo (UniOvi). She has participated in several reports and articles addressing the socioeconomic and food situation of the most vulnerable population such as New and old forms of poverty in Spain: exploring food consumption during the crisis published in the British Food Journal, or Evaluación socioeconómica del Salario Social Básico en Asturias published by the Regional Ministry of Welfare and Social Services of the Principality of Asturias. She has also participated in several research projects, among which Alimentación y estructura social. Analysis of food inequalities in Spain of the State Program of R+D+Y Retos de la Sociedad funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

She is currently a member of the Research Group in Sociology of Food (UniOvi), of the Living Standards, Health, Nutrition and Inequality Network (RedNISAL) and vice-president of the Asturian Sociology Association.