Vanessa Balagué

Marine microbiologist and member of the ICM-CSIC's Marine Scientific Culture Committee

With a degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry from the University of Barcelona (UB), she has been working at the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC) since 2000 in the Marine Microbial Ecology group. Her work focuses on the application of techniques based on the genetic code to decipher the identity of marine microorganisms and their biogeographical distribution patterns and adaptation to different habitats. In this sense, she has carried out campaigns in the Arctic, Antarctic and Atlantic oceans and the Mediterranean and Baltic Seas. The results of his research are materialised in the co-authorship of 40 scientific publications and in her participation in 26 national and European projects. She has also spent time at other research centres, including the Institute of Oceanology (Poland), the University of Montreal (Canada), the Roscoff Oceanographic Observatory (France) and the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina).

In the field of scientific dissemination, she is a member of the Marine Scientific Culture Committee and of the Interdisciplinary Thematic Platform POLARCSIC: Observatory of Polar Zones: Horizon 2050, from where she actively participates in the organisation and implementation of dissemination activities, such as open days, Science Week, exhibitions, conferences and workshops at schools and municipal centres or in the Senior Citizen Classrooms programme of the Rovira i Virgili University (URV). She has coordinated the writing and content of some blocks of oceanographic campaigns (ICM Divulda and Digital CSIC) and currently participates in several educational projects such as MAGNET (Bofill Foundation and Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya) and RESBIOS (EU SWAFS Sciencie with and for Society).

Her current interests are focused on exploring the dialogues that can be established between art and science, highlighting the curatorship and coordination of the informative content around the exhibition Bosc ancestral (Anna Rierola; ICM-Barcelona, 2017) and personal collaborations such as the edition of the artist books _north pole_south pole and Pantone Polar (Mercè Soler and Vanessa Balagué, 2018).

Vanessa Balagué - Biennal Ciutat i Ciència