Cineforum - Fantastic Voyage

09 from June 2021 from 21:30 to 22:50

Parque de la Ciutadella

In person (by prior registration)

What are the limits of medical science? How far can we imagine the applications of nanotechnologies in health? Is it really possible to miniaturize living beings or inanimate objects? What can we think of the inversion of dimensions and magnitudes shown in the film? How does this fantastic journey to which this film or other science fiction films invite us help to foreshadow the imaginary of what is yet to come?

Fantastic Voyage, Richard Fleischer, USA, 1966

Professor Bennet is a scientist who has created a formula that would make it possible to reduce the human body to microscopic size for an unlimited time. When he is about to deliver it to the Pentagon, spies cause a traffic accident that leaves the professor incapacitated for all scientific work. 

A truly fantastic journey, with memorable visual effects.

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