COVID-19 and Food Systems: a Required Debate

08 from June 2021 from 19:30 to 20:30

Ramon Torres Casanova Square

In person (by prior registration)
Simultaneous translation

COVID-19 has changed our lives. While most of our attention is focused on health issues, this roundtable asks, what does COVID-19 have to do with food?

We will discuss the two-way relationship between COVID-19 and food systems, particularly those that are industrialized and globalized. For example, deforestation or the loss of biodiversity associated with industrial food production, and the long-distance transport of food are necessary factors for the spread of the virus. On the other hand, health measures have highlighted the vulnerability of industrialized systems, while the economic consequences of the pandemic have increased episodes of food poverty.

Activity within the framework of the World Capital of Sustainable Food Barcelona 2021.

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