Ecofeminism in Times of Climate Change

12 from June 2021 from 11:00 to 13:00

Sagrada Família Cultural Centre

In person (by prior registration)

Different views from ecofeminism on climate change and how to approach the transformative changes we need to address the systemic crisis in which we find ourselves. We will start with a collective reflection on what we feel when we think and hear "climate change".

Afterwards, Maria Heras and Federica Ravera will invite us to a movement work to reflect on what a feminist perspective brings to the climate change debate, incorporating multiple voices in the construction of knowledge and connecting with the emotional dimension when we think about future dystopian scenarios. 

We will end with the explanation of Marta Rivera and Maria Borràs on how the gender vision is inserted in international, national and Catalan climate change policies and how they could be improved from a critical ecofeminist point of view.

Round table

From June 4 at 9 am at or by calling 934 50 89 17

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