Fake News in Pandemic

11 from June 2021 from 19:30 to 20:30

Ramon Torres Casanova Square

In person (by prior registration)

Lies, hoaxes and fake news have a negative short and long-term impact on scientific research and development, and consequently on the advancement of our society. These traps have served to infiltrate doubts and falsehoods during the pandemic. But disinformation (literal translation of the Russian term dezinformatsia) has been a strategy used for centuries to manipulate the population. Nowadays, the scope and speed of propagation of fake news find different channels than not so long ago, and it is no longer the broker, but the social networks or the Internet that spread this type of information.

From some of the best scientific and investigative journalistic voices of our country, we will attend a dialogue to know how they fight against this disinformation and how technology can help in this difficult task.

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