Food and Knowledge

13 from June 2021 from 15:45 to 16:15 - 16:05 to 16:35 - 16:25 to 16:55 - 16:45 to 17:15 - 17:05 to 17:35 - 17:25 to 17:55 - 17:45 to 18:15

Barceloneta Park

In person (by prior registration)

Breaking myths about food

Demonstration by Bet Noguer, CreaCiència.

Is it true that if you don't drink your orange juice quickly, the vitamins go away, that spinach contain iron and that carbonated drinks spoil your teeth? If you have ever asked yourself questions related to food similar to these, here is your chance to find out what science has to say. Find out through various experiments.

Science with bites

Workshop by Irene Lapuente Aguilar, Dídac Roger i Homs and Irene Durán Ávila, La Mandarina de Newton.

Eating and not being eaten is the motto of life, but do we know enough about food? Take part in the collective competition Science in bites! It will be an experience for all the senses with a variety of questions and live experiments. A whole range of materials will be cooked to make a menu rich in knowledge.

To participate in this activity you must bring your mobile phone.

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