Human Genetics: Challenges and Limits

08 from June 2021 from 19:30 to 20:30

Gardens of Agustí Centelles

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The gene is the basic unit of heredity. Since its recognition, strategies have been developed to make improvements through the correction of altered (mutated) genes in diseases, as well as specific modifications that help to target specific treatments. Currently, gene therapies in cells of our body involve modifying a person's DNA to treat or cure a disease caused by a genetic mutation.

In a clinical trial, for example, blood stem cells are extracted from a patient. Techniques are then used to correct the genetic mutation that causes defective blood cells to be produced, and the "corrected" cells are then infused back into the same person, where they produce healthy hemoglobin. It should be noted that the treatment changes the person's blood cells, but not his or her sperm or eggs.

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