Matilda in the Kitchen

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12 from June 2021 from 11:00 to 12:00

Fort Pienc Square

In person (by prior registration)

If 99% of culinary knowledge is female and day-to-day food management has fallen to women throughout history, why is it that the vast majority of renowned chefs are men?

Female knowledge has been silenced, but healthy and sustainable cooking is female. Most female researchers are working in the field of health, they are concerned and interested in nutrition, food safety? They are concerned about health, and take care of society.

It is necessary to reflect on how consumption habits have changed since this management no longer falls on women, on the outsourcing of food (for example, industries, collective catering, restaurants), on the need to return to this sustainable and healthy food, to return to this home cooking.

Through this conversation between a cook and a scientist, some of the issues related to the role of women in the scientific and culinary field will be raised, reflecting on the past, present and future.

Activity within the framework of the World Capital of Sustainable Food Barcelona 2021.

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