Neurotechnology: Illuminating Mind and Disease

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10 from June 2021 from 19:30 to 20:30

Gardens of Agustí Centelles

The brain is one of the great frontiers of knowledge. The complexity of the computations it can perform still far exceeds the most powerful computer in the world. For this reason, the design of new technologies that operate at the speed of the brain are essential to understand its performance and to develop appropriate treatments for when the organ becomes diseased.

Light is emerging as a great solution to this problem. Its high speed and the existing range of wavelengths are already being used to modify the activity of neural circuits and to activate drugs. In combination with new superconducting materials such as graphene, light and photopharmacology have great potential to be the new technologies that will finally allow personalized medicine to reach the treatment of psychiatric and neurological diseases.

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