The Night - Pecha kucha Express and Live Coding


Plaça Comercial

In person (by prior registration)

A double activity combining show, art, science and technology!

The first part consists of a battery of pecha kuchas, quick presentations in an informal context that make it possible to see many projects in a direct, simple, fast, agile way and establish connections with other similar projects. An invitation to dream and speculate about what is yet to be discovered, experimented, invented or simply enjoyed, in this exciting adventure that is the slow race for knowledge.

This will be followed by a live coding session, a form of performance art and a creativity technique centered on the real-time writing of source code and the use of interactive programming. It is a new direction in electronic music where live coders modify in real time the software generating melodies or images, while the manipulation of the code is projected so that everyone can follow the creation process.

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Tickets sold out
Participants at pecha kucha
Martí Ruiz Carulla,
Maciej Lewenstein,
Eloi Maduell,
Antoine Reserbat-Plantey,
Anna Carreras,
Reiko Yamada
Carolina Jiménez
Live coders
Roger Pibernat,
Citlali Hernández Turbulente,
Anna Carreras,
Lina B Linalab
Activity organized in collaboration with:

Hac Te, Hangar and BIST.

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