Portraits from the mountain to the sea - Exhibition

08 from June 2021 from 09:00 to 21:00

Ateneu Fort Pienc Civic Centre

An exhibition takes us closer to the life, challenges and limitations of two ancient trades, artisanal fishing and extensive livestock farming, through two exhibitions about their protagonists: Últimos pescadores de la Barceloneta: un mundo que resiste and Mujeres y montañas en movimiento. Both trades contribute to the conservation of our marine and terrestrial ecosystems, in contrast to today's industrial fishing and livestock activity, which accelerates their degradation.

The exhibition provides visitors with an insight into these realities and highlights the importance of local food consumption to ensure the viability of these productions, as well as for the sustainable management of our seas and mountain territories.

Last fishermen of Barceloneta: a world that resists

Women and mountains in movement

Activity within the framework of the World Capital of Sustainable Food Barcelona 2021.

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Activity without previous registration.

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