Public Health, Policy and Care

11 from June 2021 from 17:30 to 18:30

Ramon Torres Casanova Square

In person (by prior registration)

What really heals? Health is more than just health care service. It includes various factors, including social ones. The word "public" in public health refers to populations and to the fact that it is the political class that makes decisions on the advice of scientists.

Public health and politics have to think in an optimal way about "care" when proposing the different ways to take care of the health of populations. Today, in our cities, these are diverse, heterogeneous and rapidly changing. In order to be successful in preventive measures and public health promotion, based on the trust placed in the institutions that promote it, politics and science, care must avoid paternalism, arrogance and homogenization. That is why "responsibility" means to be careful, to take charge of complexity, uncertainty and risks.

Care depends on the citizenry, but also on the institutions that have to maintain trust by exercising their work responsibly with intelligent, efficient and diligent proposals.

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