Research and Integrity

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12 from June 2021 from 13:00 to 14:00

Joan Coromines Square

In person (by prior registration)
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The exercise of scientific activity involves rules inherent to its procedures and methodologies. Not following them implies the corruption of the activity with all that it entails.

There are many issues involved in research integrity. The ways of publishing in scientific journals, whether it is done paying or not and at what prices, the transparency in the processes to select candidates or articles, the recognition of the contributions of researchers in a cooperative research, etc.

Research integrity requires going beyond the pursuit of plagiarism, misrepresentation of results or mismanagement of conflicts of interest. Good research practices require an improvement in the training of scientific personnel, of the professionals who have to participate in the scientific research committee, as well as awareness of possible conflicts of interest that may arise in research and how to resolve them.

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