Research Evenings - Social Welfare and Sustainable Food

08 from June 2021 from 19:30 to 21:30

Guinardó Civic Centre

In person (by prior registration)

Share an evening with research professionals to imagine and exchange knowledge about the urban challenges facing the city of Barcelona. In a relaxed and close format, we will be able to imagine possible innovative solutions around social welfare and sustainable food.

The session will start with a brief explanation of some of the research avenues that are being carried out right now in the city and will continue with an agora open to the public to share impressions and discuss possible perspectives and approaches to research.

Afternoons in the fresh air, with built-in bar service and two hours to imagine how to transform Barcelona.

Research projects

Research projects to find solutions to urban challenges promoted by the Department of Science and Universities of the Barcelona City Council:

  • Energy inequalities: urban segregation and access to energy in the metropolitan area of Barcelona under conditions of health, social and environmental crisis.
  • HABITAS. Housing and Health in times of pandemic and beyond.
  • Simulating the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak: a risk prediction considering socio-economic and gender inequalities in Barcelona.
  • ASSET WATER. Evaluation of the efficiency of SUDs to reduce urban runoff water pollution.
  • Fit4Food BCN. Towards a more systemic and collaborative model for the promotion of Healthy and Sustainable Diets (HSSD).
  • Exposure to emerging contaminants in drinking water in Barcelona.

Also of interest