A Respectful Attitude ergo a Sustainable Ocean

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08 from June 2021 from 17:30 to 18:30

Gardens of Casa de la Misericòrdia

In person (by prior registration)
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The study of the ocean is like a scientific paradigm, since understanding its performance requires the contribution of multiple fields of knowledge, from experimental sciences, life sciences and humanities, to new technologies.

In the global vision of a single planet, the ocean and the terrestrial environment are intimately related, so that any activity of a terrestrial species such as humans has direct impacts on the health of the marine environment. Likewise, human beings depend on the health of this environment. The image of the sea as a rug on which to sweep up the waste we produce is no longer acceptable today. The consequences of this attitude, largely the result of ignorance, are already dramatic. Resource scarcity, high levels of pollution, global warming, climate instability, coastal erosion, are some representative examples. Only a joint and coordinated effort of all fields of knowledge will allow us to identify and implement reliable solutions for the conservation and sustainability of the ocean.

The topics or questions of the debate would concern: the ocean tempers, produces, recycles and stores. How does it do it? And how does human activity affect these functions? What can be the solutions to current problems? How can we come up with proposals for a more respectful future and call for the commitment of the different stakeholders involved?

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Round table
Josep Lluís Pelegrí,
Isabel Cacho,
Federico Mayor Zaragoza,
Lydia Chaparro
Jaume Vilalta i Casas
To be considered:

Activity with a second session on 15 June at 17.30. You can register here to receive the live link. Questions on the present and future of the ocean can be sent through this form.

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