Science in Question

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10 from June 2021 from 19:30 to 20:30

Gardens of Casa de la Misericòrdia

In person (by prior registration)

What is science, how does it perform, why is it that what is endorsed by science is presented as something to be trusted and trusted by everyone?

We will review how the very concept of science and its methods have varied throughout history and, with it, the concept of truth that is inherent to it. We will pay special attention to the relationship between science and the world of business and politics. We will also deal with the relationship between science and citizenship in two aspects. On the one hand, citizen participation in proposing and prioritizing the topics to be included in the agendas of publicly funded scientific research. On the other hand, on the importance of knowledge transfer, with impact on citizens, and of scientific dissemination to make participation and such transfer possible.

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