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12 from June 2021 from 11:00 to 12:00

Joan Coromines Square

In person (by prior registration)
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What is the possibility of applying knowledge of bioengineering, artificial intelligence or other disciplines to human improvement? Can we use science and technology to improve ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and even morally?

If there are agreements in the fight against diseases, ageing and education, why aren't there also agreements to improve everything from gene editing of future children? Isn't there a moral duty to spare them suffering or disproportionate efforts when everything can be made easier? The fine line between therapy and enhancement, but also between present feasibility and science fiction, requires reflection on what is desirable, why and, above all, who wants it and for whom.

Setting limits in the human realm is another way of framing the legitimacy of what can be done. What are these limits? Who sets them? Within whose reach will they be? In addition to what transhumanism proposes, there are questions about the procedures (how it is done and paid for) and the social, economic, political and environmental impacts that all this will entail. Are we heading towards a new gap between humans and posthumans? We need reasons to suspect, to risk and reasons to limit.

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