Values in Artificial Intelligence

13 from June 2021 from 11:00 to 12:00

Joan Coromines Square

In person (by prior registration)

The irruption of artificial intelligence into our daily lives raises many ethical questions. What kind of agency will ensure its control? With what procedures? Will human beings lose their capabilities and humanity?

The speed with which these issues have taken root in our world is compounded by the slowness of national legislation and its arbitrariness in a global world where it is easy to evade them. All this makes it crucial to question the values of artificial intelligence. As Hans Jonas said: "we discover what is at stake when it is at stake".

It is urgent to agree on what values should be demanded of artificial intelligence so that the world continues to be human and does not lose those characteristics that define us. It is necessary to do so beyond the questions of legal liability for possible errors of the artifacts, the impersonation of identities (is a robot or a human being serving us?), the confidentiality of data, the lack of transparency in how they learn and make decisions, the danger of traditional job losses, and beyond the extremes of technophilia and technophobia.

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