Viruses: Friends or Foes?

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08 from June 2021 from 19:30 to 20:30

Gardens of Casa de la Misericòrdia

In person (by prior registration)
Streaming (open)

The world of viruses, or the virusphere as it is known in science, is a highly complex system that has radical implications for the balance of all ecosystems on the planet. In fact, we currently know that viruses are at the origin of life, are key to regulating the planetary climate and are, to a large extent, the engine of evolution. Some are necessary for our lives. Others have brought down empires.

The current pandemic is just one example of the impact these tiny structures can have on our very existence. To understand their nature, scientists use all kinds of approaches, from biology and medicine to physics and mathematics, as an essential method to tackle the complexity of this microscopic world that is still so unknown.

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