Programme of the City and Science Biennial 2021

The Biennial brings you a wide range of activities where you can reflect on scientific knowledge to face the challenges of this century: debates, talks and round tables that are combined with forms of artistic expression such as poetry, music and film.

This Biennial culminates with the 14th edition of the Science Festival, with many more proposals in which you can experiment, observe, investigate and experience science in first person, in the company of the scientists involved.

Remember: all activities require registration, so look for the ones that interest you and enjoy the Biennial!

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  • "Ciudad infinita" - Memory and Identity in the Self-Built City
  • Cineforum - Elysium
  • Sound Earth Legacy
  • The Ocean on the Edge
  • Do you Want to Be an Eco-Influencer?
  • Less Plastic, more Mediterranean
  • Seed Bombs
  • New Technologies
  • Renewable Energies
  • Get to Know La Fàbrica del Sol
  • What Can you Do to Eat Healthy and Sustainable at the Same Time?
  • Now We Make Botifarra with Beans
  • Discover Microplastics!
  • Sustainable Architecture: a Journey through Time
  • Virtual Reading Space
  • Cineforum - Moon
  • Companion Species
  • La DesCivilización (The UnCivilisation)
  • Feeding Barcelona. City, Supply and Health
  • Art and Science Projects and Processes in the Mar Menor
  • Ecofeminism in Times of Climate Change
  • The Regional Coastline: from Montjuic to the Three Chimneys
  • Cineforum - El Cost de la Fruita (The Cost of Fruit)
  • Portraits from the Mountain to the Sea - Debate
  • Cineforum - Los últimos de la Mejana, rebeldía y esperanza
  • Research Evenings - Sustainable Mobility and Public Space
  • The Limits of a Single Planet
  • Let's experiment with microplastics
  • Drawing the Keys to Healthy and Sustainable Food
  • Research Evenings - Climate Emergence and Production Models
  • Planetary boundaries and food
  • Malnutrition in a Food Wasteful Society
  • Global Shipping Routes and Climate Change
  • Go Green: Sustainable Mobility
  • Gut Microbiome and the Earth's Microbiome
  • Organic Food
  • Research Evenings - Social Welfare and Sustainable Food
  • Presentation of the Big Blue project
  • The Problem of Plastic Pollution
  • A Respectful Attitude ergo a Sustainable Ocean
  • Little Red Riding Hood Walks Alone
  • Portraits from the mountain to the sea - Exhibition
  • Reset Mar Menor - Laboratory of imaginaries for a landscape in crisis
  • From Basket to Basket!
  • Let's act against climate change
  • Energy for everyone
  • Bodies of Water
  • Energy for Everyone

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